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Time and time again, our customers have used our low prices and great quality prints to raise money for their organizations.

But did you know we can take care of all orders for you through our online stores?

We have some of the lowest prices around, so you can buy your shirts, apparel, or other fundraising items from us at a low price and sell them for a higher price to help you raise the most money possible for your organization. And the best part? We'll set up an online store just for you, so all you rhave to do is spread the word and let the orders roll in.

Just an example, say you want to sell T-shirts to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Even if your shirts cost $8 -9.00ea. you can easily double the selling price making a generous profit for your fund raising. That's a pretty big profit margin if you ask us. Especially when you consider this includes your own personal store, branding, and even links to post on social media!

We'd love to help you raise money for your team or organization. Send a message to our owner and sales guy Bruce at for a complete overview of how we can help you raise money. You'll be glad you did!

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