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Will My Customers Actually Wear Those Free T-Shirts

July 3, 2018

Of course... to MOW THE YARD!

So you have decided to spread the word... you are giving out free t-shirts with your new logo printed big and bold on the front. You shopped around and found the best price. Once you give them away you hope they wear your shirt shirts and become a walking bill board for your business. You think to yourself, "why would anybody give
a hoot about wearing a t-shirt with you business logo?"
After all your business is famous is it? It's not like your
logo is "Bud Light"..... Dilly Dilly. 

You wish your company was famous and maybe someday
it will be. After all Anheiser Busch wasn't famous the first
year they started brewing beer. Getting your business or
product famous to be recognizable (famous) usually means
doing good promotional activities. The trick is to gain
notoriety before the promotional money dries up. Don't
forget to spend your money wisely. Buying logo's t-shirts
to pass out is only smart spending if the recipients like
wearing the t-shirts in public so that your t-shirt works
as a walking billboard.

When my wife and I started A TEAM Apparel 18 years ago we realized our rural location was not a setting that would provide walking or drive by inquiries. It also soon became apparent that most of the prospective customers were only interested in our t-shirt printing if we were less expensive than the more convenient city located businesses. We quickly realized that we had to offer and provide additional services or product quality that made our t-shirts better and more valuable to the customer. 

Art and designs was one area we focused on to become the best at. This meant we had to source outside for free lance designers that specialized with particular themes like sports, animals, food, ect. Today about half of our staff has commercial art experience or college training. We also continue to build a portfolio of free lance designers that we recognize for specific styles and talents. 

Of course asking customers to pay art fees is met with resistance,
therefore to get more business and put our products on the street we

said, "We'll do the design work FOR FREE!" We did this hoping it will
entice you and so we can start working together. For some reason
wenever changed that policy, today we still do not charge for your
t-shirt design.

Our art services has become the signature for A TEAM Apparel.
Expanding our art services beyond t-shirt and apparel designs to logos
and other print media creations such as restaurant menus, signage,
vehicle graphics. These have been fun challenges for our artists.

Recently we have allocated R& D  time to test new inks and apparel
styles. Combining our art/design creativity with new products and
printing processes is going to reinvent the t-shirt that we can provide
customers and will soon be our source for additional growth. 

We have the resources and tools to provide a customer a promotional give away t-shirt that the lucky recipient will enjoy wearing many times over. You will increase your business/product awareness and we usually can expect a reorder of your purchase.

Now thats money!

"Class Of" T-shirts, a Blog & a Special

June 13, 2018

When we think of "class of" t-shirts, we usually think of a middle school field trip, or a graduating class wanting to match for a photo, but we don't usually realize what a great keepsake these shirts are down the line.

As Andy Bernard puts its, "I wish there was a way to realize you're in the good old days before you've
actually left them." Well, we haven't figured that out
yet, but we do have a souvenir you can keep to remember these days.


We have had customers tell us they still have their custom "class of" t-shirts from 15 years prior. Worn so many times they're faded and maybe a little tight, but they hold on to them anyway. These T's are just a shirt on the surface, but with customized mascots, years, and sometimes even a class list on the back side, they're a great reminder of great times that have been had.

How It's Made - Screen Print Ink

May 23, 2018

We put so much thought into how we're using our inks on various custom T-shirts, that we sometimes forget these inks we use also have an interesting process of being made. Take a look at this video of how these screen printing inks are mixed and created right here in America. We find the process absolutely mesmerizing, and we'll definitely be borrowing the term "goop scoop."

Our first blog entry!

Why Print and Not Embroider?

March 30, 2018

I have come to a conclusion that many of us industry veterans have become brain washed. We are mostly unanimously stubborn if you ask us if it’s OK to print a logo on an expensive Polo shirt. “OMG you’re not going to print your logo on that Nike polo really”?


Well if you haven’t noticed Nike and many other High End Polo brands have been printing their logo/brand on polo’s now days. No not because it’s cheaper (and it probably is) but because it’s better. Todays’ light weight stretchy fabrics can’t hold most embroidered logos. The weight of the embroidery, with backing, is going to sag and pucker. And after you do laundry this puckering will continue. Take notice next time watching Golf T.V. tournaments of the logo’s on the player’s polo’s. We mostly recommend Left Chest logo’s be printed on Polo’s and Button Down dress shirts. A stretch additive is mixed with the ink that moves with the fabric.


Think about it. You are including your company, product, or event logo on garments to gain recognition and promotional advantages. Why not be assured this recognition is legible and crisp? Only printing can assure your logo will always be looking sharp every time you put it on.

Puckered embroidery on thin shirt.

Also a thin shirt, but with screenprinting it does not pucker.

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