You're probably already aware that A Team Apparel makes the best t-shirts in all of Iowa. But did you know we do all of your custom designs and unique apparel selections at no extra charge to you when you order?

Apparel Styles - What's New?


Soft T-Shirts:

- Ringspun Cotton T's

- TriBlend T's

- Polyester with Lycra T's

Fleece & Hoodies:

- Performance Fabrics

- Quarter Zips

- Full Zips

- Short Sleeve

- Sleeveless

- Thumb Sleeves


- Puff Jackets

- Traditional Jackets

- Softstyle

- Workwear

- High Visibility Safety


- Athletic

- Leisure

- Promotional

- Popular Brands


We want to make this easy on you. And frankly, us too. There are so many variables when it comes to ordering and requesting new apparel. You only need to do one thing to get started:

send an email to Bruce at sales@ateamapparel.com.

You can tell us some basic info about your organization, what types of apparel you're looking for, etc. But if you're not sure of that yet, we're here to help. Some places have you fill out the same generic form for every form for every request, but we like to keep things a bit more personal.


We've got style. With hundreds of new unique apparel options, your project is going to wow the crowd.

We've even got our own style advisor. Jen will take your project to the next level, suggesting amazing exclusive apparel options.


Bruce - Owner/Sales


Meet the man who started it all. If you're looking to start a new project and want some advice, he's your man.


Cheryl, co-owner and woman behind the scenes. She does a little bit of everything, so if you have a general question or don't know who to ask, she's a great place to start.

Cheryl - Owner/G.M.

Teah - Production Manager


Meet Teah, the woman who does it all. She coordinates the production of our customers' projects. Starting with your design proof through the preparation of the decoration process and until our customers' projects are professionally packaged for delivery. Teah has her finger on it. Seriously you and us should feel lucky to have Mother Teah watching over every project.


From concept to completion, Jen is your friend. She knows apparel styles, colors, sizing, all the goods and the bads. Jen will share your designs with the Art Department through the production process and even the billing, making sure you are her new bestest friend, after your new project is completed.

Jen - Project Manager

Kayla - QRC

She's our QRC gal doing the final inspection of your project prior to packaging. Q is for Quality. It starts with checking in our blank apparel from the mills. This is where the R comes in. R for Receive correctly as ordered. And finally packaging for customer. S is for Shipping, we make sure we get these items to you on time, every time.




Austin - Screenprint Tech

Austin is one of our amazing screen printers. This guy is great at putting out amazing work in any deadline. Don't bother e-mailing him though, his hands are covered in screenprinting ink.

Our resident graphic designer, Kirsten began her career at A Team over 10 years ago. She's the creative force behind your original apparel designs. So send us your ideas, and Kirsten will turn them into your very own attention-grabbing apparel.

Kirsten - Graphic Designer

A Team Apparel

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